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Mini IVF Treatment vs. The Conventional IVF Treatment Option

In vitro fertilization, commonly referred to as IVF, has been used for decades to help couples that were unable to conceive on their own.  Initially, IVF required the use of large doses of fertility medication to be successful.  Women who did not respond well to fertility medication were often turned away from fertility centers as they were thought to be unsuited for IVF.  Advances in the field of fertility medication allowed for the creation of other IVF treatment protocols that do not rely upon large doses of fertility medication. Understanding the differences between Traditional IVF and Mini IVF treatment can help you select the protocol that is best for your needs.

Traditional IVF2015-31

Traditional IVF treatment is best suited for individuals who are deemed to be good candidates for IVF.  These individuals will have a good egg reserve and will respond well to fertility medication.  During traditional IVF:

  • Women are prescribed 20 to 60 doses of injectable fertility medication with the goal of producing a large number of eggs.
  • All eggs are targeted by the medication even if they are of a low quality.  This means that the egg retrieval will undoubtedly contain eggs that are not well suited for fertilization or pregnancy.
  • Due to the use of large amounts of fertility medication, side effects are likely, including the development of OHSS.
Mini IVF Treatment

New Hope Fertility is the pioneer of the Mini IVF treatment, which takes a different approach to IVF.  Rather than focusing on producing a large number of eggs, Mini IVF aims to produce between three and five high quality eggs.  This approach is more comfortable for women and has comparable success rates despite using less medication.  During Mini IVF:

  • Women are prescribed oral medication and between one and three injections, depending on each woman’s specific medical needs.
  • The goal is to only stimulate eggs that are well suited for pregnancy.
  • There are significantly less side effects and discomfort due to the smaller doses of fertility medication.

Schedule a meeting to discuss how Mini IVF treatment can be used to address your fertility concerns by contacting New Hope Fertility Center today.  Please click the link below to enter your information and New Hope will contact you, or simply call 212-517-7676. Thank You. 


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