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Using Mini-IVF™ to Treat Severe Cases of Infertility

It seems that lately more and more couples are experiencing infertility. Whether the cause stems from the male or female partner, infertility it is not an easy process to go through. Some cases are more difficult to treat than others and require a specific type of treatment plan.

At New Hope Fertility we have successfully treated numerous patients who have severe cases of infertility. Unfortunately, we typically see these cases in women over the age of 40. Once a woman reaches 35 years old, her fertility begins to decline and most women aren’t aware until they actually try to conceive naturally with their partner. We've helped a lot of women in these age groups here at New Hope, and actually hold a notable amount of experience in this category. For many of our patients in their 30s and 40s, Mini-IVF™ proves a viable option in helping them get pregnant while preventing over-medication common with conventional protocols.concerned-woman

Many of our patients have come to us after having unsuccessful cycles at other clinics. They wanted to try other options, and were attracted to our holistic approach to IVF. Indeed, our customized protocols allow us to treat women regardless of FSH and at more mature ages than other clinics. Our most organic method of fertility treatment, Natural Cycle IVF, is a protocol that involves monitoring and retrieving the one egg naturally produced during a woman's cycle -- without the use of fertility medications. Natural Cycle IVF is favored by many patients because of how easy it is on the body.   Additionally, because it doesn't rely on fertility medications, this protocol has one fewer cost: giving women the peace of mind that comes with not straining physically, mentally or financially. 

At New Hope we believe in real hope, not false hope. We advise all women and couples committing to Natural Cycle of the setbacks that can occur, as we would with any other type of procedure performed here. Timing an egg retrieval is a very precise practice, and if it happens that it is delayed even just slightly longer than intended and a woman ovulates, the cycle must be cancelled until the next cycle occurs. Precise timing is a key to a successful Natural IVF cycle – one more reason why we put so much emphasis on having our doctors work together and pool our experiences and expertise to have the highest success rates possible.

To have a customized fertility plan developed that addresses your specific health needs or to discuss your fertility concerns, contact us. Please click the link below to enter your information and New Hope will contact you, or simply call 212-517-7676. Thank You.

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