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How A Minimal Stimulation IVF Could Be Your Best Option For Conceiving

For decade, couples struggling with infertility  have used IVF to finally have a baby and start their family. IVF successfully addresses both male and female infertility factors. Historically, IVF treatment has required large doses of fertility medication. The large doses of medication result in a woman’s body producing large quantities of eggs which can then be harvested and fertilized. Unfortunately, many of these eggs are not suitable for fertilization and are of a low quality. Additionally, there are a myriad of side effects that a woman can experience from the fertility drugs.  

Conceiving a Baby Through Minimal Stimulation IVF

Minimal Stimulation IVFMinimal Stimulation IVF (Mini IVF) addresses many of the concerns commonly associated with IVF treatment. Mini IVF uses low doses of fertility medication to lightly stimulate a woman’s body and enhance her natural fertility. The goal with a Mini IVF protocol is to produce between three and five high quality eggs for fertilization in vitro and transfer to the woman's uterus. A high quality embryo has the best chances for achieving a successful pregnancy.

There are several advantages to a Mini IVF protocol.

  • There are fewer side effects while undergoing Mini IVf due to the reduced amount of fertility medication
  • While side effects may not be completely eliminated while undergoing Mini IVF, receiving less medication may help the patient to remain more comfortable
  • Higher quality eggs result in better outcomes for both fertilization and pregnancy
  • Mini IVF protocols aim to only provide the level of support each woman needs to enhance their fertility
  • There is no one size fits all approach to Mini IVF
  • Every patient is prescribed the appropriate amount of fertility medication to help her body produce a low number of quality eggs

New Hope Fertility Center’s minimal stimulation protocol, Mini IVF, has been extremely successful. In fact, the success rates with this protocol rival that of traditional protocols. Mini IVF may be ideal for women who wish to take a more holistic approach to their fertility care or who wish to limit the amount of fertility medication they receive.

Pioneering Minimal Stimulation IVF Provider

Speak with one of our Mini IVF Experts to begin developing your individualized Mini IVF fertility care plan. Please click the icon below to enter your information and New Hope will contact you. Or, simply call 917.525.5496 to schedule a consultation and begin your journey to having a baby today.


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