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Minimal Stimulation IVF; The Hottest Trend in Womens Fertility

Minimal Stimulation IVF; The Hottest Trend in Women's Fertility 

New innovations in fertility care have improved the success of in vitro fertilization.  New in vitro protocols such as minimal stimulation IVF require less fertility medication while maintaining success rates.   blog7

New Hope Fertility Center is on the cutting edge of fertility care.  Our expert fertility team continually researches and works with fertility experts worldwide to provide the most effective fertility treatments to our patients.  Our minimal stimulation IVF protocol, Mini IVF™, uses substantially less fertility medication while generating a success rate that rivals that of traditional IVF treatment. 

With Mini IVF™, we are able to customize the fertility medication protocol each woman receives so that they receive only what is necessary to support their needs.  In minimal stimulation IVF, a woman’s natural fertility used as the foundation for her IVF cycle.  As opposed to the high doses of fertility medication, Mini IVF™ uses small doses to gently stimulate a woman’s body to produce between three and five eggs.  We have found that three to five high quality eggs are the ideal amount for IVF treatment.  While a traditional IVF protocol will produce more eggs, many of those eggs are of low quality and not suited for fertilization or pregnancy.  Additionally, using less fertility medication results in fewer side effects and improved comfort during the cycle.

During a Mini IVF™ cycle, a patient can receive:

  • Clomid, an oral fertility medication, to be taken daily
  • Menopur, an injectable medication, with one to three injections required depending on the individual patient’s needs.  This is in stark contrast with the 20 to 60 injections required with a traditional IVF protocol.
  • Synarel, administered via nasal injection

Additionally, New Hope offers an ultra mini IVF™ protocol that only utilizes oral fertility medication.   Throughout the cycle, each patiently is closely monitored through blood work and ultrasound to ensure we are providing exactly what she needs to achieve her dream of starting a family. 

Schedule an appointment today to find out how minimal stimulation IVF treatment can be a part of your fertility care plan.   Please click the link below to enter your information and New Hope will contact you, or simply call 212-517-7676. Thank You.


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