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More February IVF Success Stories

1) 35 y/o secondary infertility due to oligoovulation (irregular ovulation) came to New Hope for her second child.  She was able to get pregnant from a single embryo transfer from Mini-IVF™.  Congratulations on your second pregnancy!

New Hope doctors wanted to take extra precautions to reduce the chance of multiple pregnancy since this patient's first pregnancy led to the premature birth of her twins (possibly due to conventional IVF protocols), and left her and her babies in the hospital for a good length of time.  By committing to Mini-IVF™ and single embryo transfer protocols, New Hope doctors greatly reduced the risk of this happening again.

2) 39 y/o primary infertility arrived at New Hope also suffering from oligoovulation.  She created several embryos through our Mini-IVF™ protocol and got pregnant with twins from a Natural Cycle frozen embryo transfer.  As with the previous success story, the infertility was due to the inability to ovulate properly, and this patient would have definitely been overstimulated with conventional IVF.  New Hope doctors understood in both aforementioned cases that there was no need for more than a single embryo transfer to reach success since both women had otherwise healthy uterine environments.  Congrats!

3) 39 y/o came to NHFC with a history of primary infertility.  She completed a few Mini-IVF™ cycles with frozen embryo transfers that were unsuccessful.  She had a frozen embryo transfer more recently and came back with a positive pregnancy test.  Congrats!

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