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Celebrate National Parents’ Day on Sunday July 28th!

Parent DayThe professional mission of our fertility specialists is to help infertile couples become parents. Did you know? National Parents’ Day is celebrated Sunday, July 28th? Why does this matter? Because most of us would be lost without our parents. Now, there is a special day for them on the fourth Sunday in July – July 28th.

National Parents’ Day Activities

1. Call or visit your parents

Parents love visits from their children and grandchildren. Our parents are not going to be around forever, as much as we wish they could be. We should tell our parents how much they mean to us.

2. Tell your parents that they were right

Parents are always dispensing wisdom and advice as we grow up, most of it unsolicited. As kids, we often dismiss these truths or ignore them outright. But then we grow up and have kids of our own — and realize how right our parents were all along about pretty much everything.

3.   Give your parents a special holiday

Find out where your parents have always wanted to go and send them on vacation. Take care of all the details, so that all your folks have to do is show up at the airport — or the cruise ship terminal!

Parents do everything for us

When we’re helpless babes in swaddling clothes, our parents fed us, burped us, and cleaned up our messy bums. When we were crying, they held us close to their hearts and helped us walk it off. They kissed  our boo boos. They gave us someone to rely on, shoulders to cry on, and advice about kids who were bullies. There’s nothing our parents haven’t done for us. We owe them everything.

Parents deserve a separate holiday

Moms have May and Fathers have June. It seems appropriate that the very next month of the calendar has a day set aside for both parents. Parents come in all shapes, sizes and relations. Let’s honor them all.

Parents are our biggest fans

Our parents always believed we were beautiful miracles.

As we grow:

  • They cheer for us when we play baseball or the trumpet
  • They use pencils to mark our growth on door jambs and walls
  • They celebrate us every day, so let’s celebrate them on this special day.

National Parents’ Day Advocates

Our fertility specialists are avid advocates of infertile couple wanting to build a family. You can schedule your initial consultation at New Hope Fertility Center by clicking the icon below – or – calling 917.525.5496.

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