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2020’s National Patient Safety Awareness Week

Infertility AwarenessThis year’s National Patient Safety Awareness Week is recognized March 8th through 14th. This public service campaign is focused on promoting the importance of improving healthcare. As Leaders in Fertility Treatment, New Hope Fertility wants to help inform the public about how we are improving patient-safety and healthcare. You can be a part of our healthcare team by promoting patient safety!

Streamlined Patient Safety Approach

Our new and streamlined approach to IVF Treatment provides evidence-based high pregnancy rates. A streamlined team approach is cost-efficient IVF. A streamlined team approach to fertility treatment is the most successful at increasing pregnancy success rates.

The streamlined team at New Hope Fertility Center is comprised of world renowned fertility doctors, plus ultra-talented:

Our streamlined fertility team has substantial experience in the practice of Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART) and OBGYN.

Our Fertility Team

Members of the streamlined fertility team at New Hope Fertility Center are professionals who have earned:

  • Doctorates
  • PhD’s
  • Master’s Degrees

Through a streamlined approach, your primary doctor is always fully informed about your progress by the designated fertility team.

  • Always remember. Just because you don’t see your doctor every time you visit our office for a routine procedure does not mean you are receiving subpar care.
  • Please know this. Our multidisciplinary fertility team has been carefully selected and put in place to make sure you receive the best fertility care in the world.
  • The best part? Our patients do not rely on doctors in residency to fulfil their dreams of having a baby.

At New Hope Fertility Center, all patient cases are evaluated by and between their streamlined fertility treatment team. The team collectively arrives at and executes the best customized fertility treatment plan based upon every patient’s individualized needs.

All-Encompassing Fertility Care

Fertility Specialists Promoting Patient Safety Awareness

We are dedicated to spreading awareness about patient safety in conjunction with all-encompassing fertility care. To schedule your initial consultation with the fertility care team at New Hope Fertility Center – click the icon below – or call 212.969.7422.

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