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National Trisomy Awareness - What is Genetic Screening?

As many couples going through fertility treatment can attest, getting pregnant and having a healthy baby is not as easy as it seems.  The timing must be perfect in order for an egg to be fertilized.  Then, conditions inside the uterus must be ideal in order for an embryo to implant.  Next, the embryo must develop properly in order for the baby to grow and thrive.  Issues at any of these steps can prevent pregnancy from happening or cause a miscarriage.  Many failed IVF attempts and miscarriages are the result of trisomy.


When no genetic disease is present, humans have 23 pairs of chromosomes.  Trisomy occurs when there is an extra chromosome, resulting in three chromosomes instead of two.  There are several types of trisomy, and they are named for the chromosome that is duplicated.  Most people are familiar with Trisomy 21, commonly referred to as Down syndrome.   

The most common trisomy, Trisomy 16, typically results in a spontaneous miscarriage before the end of the first trimester.  The same is true for many forms of trisomy.  As a couple going through fertility treatment, getting a positive pregnancy result and then losing the pregnancy early on can be devastating.  Miscarriages due to chromosomal issues can be avoided through the use of preimplantation genetic diagnosis, or PGD.

PGD Testing

Genetic screening on embryos can help to ensure that embryos transferred are free of chromosomal diseases.  Transferring healthy embryos increases pregnancy rates and decreases the likelihood of miscarriage.  It is common for couples to have questions about PGD.  To ensure couples are fully informed about the PGD testing process, New Hope Fertility Center offers seminars every Wednesday at 1pm. Presented by industry leading embryologists and fertility nurses, these information sessions are another way that New Hope ensures their patients are fully involved and informed about their treatment options.

To learn more about genetic screening or to sign up for PGD orientation, contact the experts at New Hope Fertility Center today.  Please click the link below to enter your information and New Hope will contact you, or simply call 212-517-7676.  Thank you.

Need information on genetic screening for trisomy? This article provides.  

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