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Natural Cycle IVF for "Poor Responders"

ivf for non responders

Because we treat all women regardless of health history, we meet many who have been unfairly labeled as "IVF non-responders" by the clinics at which they received treatment that resulted in a lost cycle.

Natural Cycle IVF Non-Responders

At New Hope, we do not believe in the term "IVF non-responder."  Our team of fertility specialists believe the devil's in the details: it is unrealistic to state a woman is simply "non-responsive," rather, there must be something waiting to be discovered about the woman's body and her follicles that has remained unseen by other clinics.

This was the case for a recent patient who came in for a visit after failing multiple cycles at another clinic here in New York City. After coming in for her consultation, she revealed that she had experienced 4 failed cycles, only producing 1 dominant follicle during her treatments, which didn't transfer.

Considering her health history, our doctors -- along with the patient -- decided it was wise to go forward with our most holistic protocol here at New Hope, Natural Cycle IVF.

Because Natural Cycle IVF (NC-IVF) relies on the one dominant follicle produced naturally every month, it was a perfect protocol for this particular woman. Her previous treatments and experience with fertility medications clearly did not make more than one egg (which fertility medications are meant to do), so it was only obvious to our team that we should work with what we have -- the one dominant follicle she always produced.

Not only does NC-IVF require little to no fertility medications, cutting the cost of treatment and reducing the physical stress of taking meds, but is simply the best option for those who do not produce multiple follicles.  Natural Cycle IVF is an organic approach to helping those having difficulty conceiving, and we've been using it successfully for over a decade!

So, fear not "non-responders," we'll never call you that here!

For more on Natural Cycle IVF, visit us on the web or come in for a consultation.

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