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Natural Fertility and the Natural IVF

Natural Fertility and the Natural IVF 

A woman’s natural fertility is often an afterthought during fertility treatment.  In traditional fertility treatment methods, large doses of fertility medication are given in order to create enhanced fertility.  While these methods have been successful in the past, recent research demonstrates that more holistic approaches to in vitro fertilization, such as natural ivf, can produce comparable results.  

New Hope Fertility Center specializes in providing more holistic options for fertility care.  The fertility experts at New Hope believe that a woman’s natural fertility is the best foundation of fertility care.  Before any treatment is done, the fertility team at New Hope takes the time to fully understand the unique fertility needs of each patient.  Only then do our fertility experts work with our patients to develop a personalized fertility care plan.natural ivf

One tool in the holistic approach to fertility care is an in vitro fertilization that uses no fertility medication.  Natural IVF follows the progress of a woman’s natural cycle in order to harvest and fertilize the one egg her body produces naturally.  By carefully watching the change’s in a woman’s body through blood work and ultrasound, the fertility expert is able to perform egg retrieval at the appropriate time in the cycle.

Natural IVF has several benefits when compared to the traditional IVF protocol:

  • Avoidance of the discomfort and side effects associated with fertility medication
  • Avoidance of potential health risks of high levels of fertility medication including OHSS
  • Production of an egg that is the most healthy and best equipped for fertilization
  • Because of the lack of fertility drugs, there is no waiting period necessary between cycles.
  • The embryo transfer can usually take place during the same cycle as the egg retrieval

To further support a woman’s natural fertility holistically, New Hope recommends women participate in yoga and acupuncture.  Both of these holistic practices can relieve stress which can result in better overall health and increased fertility.

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