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Natural Fertility Treatments vs. Surgical Fertility Treatments

Surgery is often thought of as an essential part of fertility treatment.  However, there are several methods of assisted reproduction that do not require surgery.  If your fallopian tubes are open, you can do natural fertility treatments without surgery.

Natural Fertility Treatments

Timed Intercourse3

Becoming pregnant is largely about timing.  There is only a 24 hour window after ovulation where a woman’s body has an egg that is ready for fertilization.  Outside of this window, a woman is unable to become pregnant.  Timed intercourse allows couples to target the ideal period for them to have intercourse that coincides with ovulation.  To do this, a woman’s body is monitored medically.  Regular testing using blood work and ultrasound allow a fertility care to specifically pinpoint when ovulation will occur.  Then, clients can be instructed on what days are best for intercourse given the exact state of their ovulation. 

No fertility medication is required to do timed intercourse, it can be a completely natural cycle and the assisted natural fertility treatment that you’ve been looking for.

Intrauterine Insemination (IUI)

Intrauterine Insemination takes timed intercourse to the next level, but begins on the same premise.  In order to get pregnant, sperm must have the opportunity to fertilize an egg within the predetermined window.  As with timed intercourse, a woman’s body is closely monitored to determine when ovulation will occur.  Instead of having intercourse, a woman is inseminated in a medical office. 

Her partner will be required to provide sperm in a sterile container.  The sperm is then washed and prepared so that only the healthiest sperm remain.  The washed sperm are then placed directly into the women’s uterus using a syringe and a small tube.  This process can address issues where cervical mucus or poor sperm motility is an issue.  The sperm are delivered closer to the egg which increases the chance of becoming pregnant.  There are no incisions needed for this procedure and no anesthetic necessary as the procedure is typically painless.

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