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Natural IVF Cycle Process and Costs

Natural methods of addressing infertility are growing in popularity in the United States.  A natural IVF Cycle is among many more holistic alternatives to traditional IVF protocols which rely heavily upon fertility medication.  For many women who were discouraged by the cost and side effects of traditional treatment and fertility medication, a natural IVF cycle may open the door to fertility treatment.

How is a natural IVF cycle different?

Traditional IVF protocols used fertility medication to push a woman’s body to produce multiple eggs.  The goal was to provide as many eggs as possible in the hopes of increasing the odds of retrieving healthy eggs that were suitable for fertilization.

Natural IVF protocols do not use fertility drugs to enhance a woman’s fertility.  A natural cycle does not have the aim of harvesting multiple eggs.  The sole purpose of a natural cycle is to monitor a woman’s cycle in order to retrieve and fertilize the one egg her body produces naturally.  Unlike eggs produced with the aid of fertility medication, a naturally produced egg is nearly always of the highest quality and well equipped for fertilization and pregnancy. 

What fertility centers provide natural IVF treatment?

New Hope Fertility Center, located in Manhattan, specializes in providing holistic fertility treatment.  By focusing on each woman’s unique needs, the team at New Hope is able to achieve success rates that rival traditional IVF while using little to no fertility medication.  Through research, ongoing clinical trials and partnerships with industry leaders worldwide, New Hope ensures their patients receive the best treatment with the highest levels of success. 

The team at New Hope firmly believes that just one good egg is required for pregnancy and a healthy baby.  Because of this, they do not turn any woman away due to her age, her FSH level, or the number of eggs she is able to produce during a cycle.

How much does a Natural IVF cycle cost?

At New Hope, cycles are below the average cost of IVF in NYC.  This cost applies to traditional, natural, and minimal stimulation IVF protocols.  Including in the cost of the cycle is:

  • Monitoring throughout the cycle using blood work and ultrasound
  • Review of the cycle by a doctor or nurse
  • The process to harvest the eggs
  • Fertilization of the retrieved egg using ICSI when needed
  • Monitoring of the embryo
  • Freezing and storage of the embryo when needed
  • Transferring of the embryo back into the mother

Medication costs are in addition to the above.  Because a natural IVF cycle does not use fertility medication, the out of pocket cost for medication is typically between $0 and $100. 

For additional information on Natural IVF and natural fertility treatments, contact the experts at New Hope Today. Please click the link below to enter your information and New Hope will contact you, or simply call 212-517-7676. Thank You.


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