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Discover How Natural IVF Can Help You To Get Pregnant

The painful realization that you need to use IVF treatment to succeed at having a child can be a hard pill to swallow. Between the cost of Conventional IVF and the worry about risks and side effects from hormone medications, some may shy away from the option altogether. However, Natural IVF is an alternative that dispels many of the common concerns of IVF treatment. New Hope Fertility Center is a top provider of this holistic alternative to Conventional IVF.

Natural IVF: The Winning Alternative

Occasionally, a woman's body only needs a little extra help to achieve pregnancy. A woman with regular periods who fails to get pregnant is the ideal candidate for Natural IVF. Instead of up to 60 self-administered injections per cycle with conventional protocols, your fertility doctor will let your ovaries produce its one high quality egg. Due to the lack of hormone drug stimulation forcing your body to mass produce egg follicles, the single egg produced is your best and of very high quality. This allows doctors to proceed as normal, retrieving and fertilizing the egg before returning it to your body for implantation. This nearly drug-free alternative avoids the side effects and risks that often deter women from pursuing conventional and minimal stimulation IVF options.

Benefits Of Natural Cycle IVFivf-600.jpg

The list of advantages for natural cycle IVF is a lengthy one, with the most common being the reduction in cost. Few people realize just how much medication costs add on to the total price of IVF treatment. Saving thousands of dollars per cycle simply by choosing natural methods is a big boon to this alternative.

Other benefits are:

  • Completely gentle on the body
  • Great option for older women
  • Alternative for poor responders to hormone therapy
  • Ideal for those with religious or personal objections to traditional methods
  • No pain or discomfort from daily injections
  • Post cycle recovery is immediate

New Hope's Natural IVF

New Hope Fertility Center is a premier provider of Natural Cycle IVF treatment. Our advanced fertility clinic has had success with even the toughest patients. At NHFC, you receive care that is customized to your body's individual needs, as well as your personal preferences. Our internationally recognized team of doctors put you first. To find out if Natural Cycle IVF is right for you, schedule your initial consultation with one of our fertility experts today. Please click the link below to enter your information online and we will contact you - or - simply call 917.525.5496.

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