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New PGD Gender Prediction Test Available

The Journal of the American Medical Association recently released a study revealing a new non-invasive DNA test that can determine the sex of a fetus as early as 7 weeks.

This new study is an exciting addition in the realm of genetic diagnosis.  If utilized in the fertility care world,  this cell-free test can assist parents in determining the health of their embryos early on in the fertility treatment process, eliminating the risk of passing on genetic diseases to their child.

At New Hope Fertility Center, we offer a Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis test to those patients undergoing fertility care treatment that are known carriers of genetic abnormalities.  Similar to the DNA blood test, PGD tests give parents and doctors the chance to avoid passing on genetic diseases and gender specific disorders before implanting the embryos during IVF treatment.  As more evidence is found to support the accuracy of the new DNA blood test, pairing the tests with more extensive PGD testing will only make the process of abnormal gene detection more accurate.

The test, which analyzes fetal DNA found in the mother's blood, provides new insight into gender specific diseases, which can now be discovered early on versus later in a woman's pregnancy term.  The cell-free test also affords doctors and patients with an alternative to more invasive gender tests, like amniocentesis, which tests a woman's amniotic fluid and carries a small risk of miscarriage.

You can read more about PGD testing here, and the full report by New York Times here.

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