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What Makes New Hope Fertility Center the Best Clinic in NYC?

When you decide to pursue fertility care to achieve your dreams of becoming a parent, you want to find the best infertility center in NYC.  Being recognized as the best fertility center in NYC isn’t solely a reflection of success rates.  Your complete patient experience determines your satisfaction. 

Best Infertility Center in NYC

fertility centerNew Hope Fertility Center is the best infertility center in NYC.

Our Medical Team

New Hope’s medical team is comprised of industry experts who are actively involved in medical research. Active research allows us to provide our patients with the best fertility treatments and achieve high levels of success. Our physicians are actively running a clinical trial to compare traditional IVF treatment with our more holistic option, Mini IVF. We are dedicated to finding less evasive, more holistic ways of treating infertility.

Individualized Treatment

We believe that the foundation of your fertility plan is your body’s natural fertility. We take time to understand your body and your specific medical needs. Then, we develop a personalized fertility plan that is uniquely yours. During treatment, we constantly monitor your progress so that we can react and make changes as needed.  You are an individual, not a diagnosis. 

Holistic Approach

Your body's natural fertility serves as the foundation of your fertility plan. By using your body’s natural abilities, we are able to offer more holistic approaches to fertility care, including IVF. We offer two holistic IVF protocols that use little to no fertility drugs:

  • Natural IVF monitors your natural cycle and harvest the egg you produce naturally, without fertility medication
  • Mini IVF uses a drastically reduced amount of fertility medication to prompt your body to create three to five high quality eggs, suitable for fertilization

The fertility specialists at New Hope Fertility Center recommend patients undergoing IVF take advantage of acupuncture and yoga to deal with stress and achieve a greater chance of pregnancy.

World Class Infertility Center in NYC

Make an appointment today to experience what makes New Hope Fertility Center the best infertility center in NYC. Please click the link below to enter your information and New Hope will contact you, or simply call 917.525.5496 to schedule a consultation.

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