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New Hope Fertility: Premier Clinic for Gender Selection

Two success stories with some similarities.

33 y/o wanted a boy. Conceived from frozen d2 embryo that was thawed, biopsied on d3 and tested for gender than transferred as d5. Embryos were from Clomid Mini-IVF, 5 injections only -- the equivalent medication for only 2 days of conventional IVF.

28 y/o also wanted a boy. Came to NHFC and is now pregnant with very similar protocol as the 33 y/o mentioned above.

Both women came to New Hope because, in doing their research, they found that we are the premier center for gender selection in the world. Many patients who come to us are drawn to the fact that we can help them not only with gender selection, but with our preimplantation genetic diagnosis (PGD) capability, more generally. We can help patients screen for genetic diseases that they may have in their family and help couples to build the kind of balanced family that they want. More information about PGD can be found on our website.


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