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New Hope Fertility's Successful Eco-IVF Procedure

New Hope Fertility's Successful Eco-IVF Procedure 

In vitro fertilization has been used for decades to address male and female infertility.  Historically, in order to have IVF done, high doses of fertility medication were necessary in order to produce large quantities of eggs.  While this was successful and resulted in many pregnancies and babies, there are real emotional and physical side effects as a result of using high doses of fertility medication.  Thankfully, advances in the field of fertility medicine now allows IVF to be done with far fewer fertility drugs.  


Eco-IVF, sometimes referred to as minimal stimulation IVF, uses a significantly reduced amount of fertility medication.  As opposed to the traditional IVF protocol, Eco-IVF aims to produce a small number, typically between three and five, of high quality eggs.  As with traditional IVF, the eggs harvested during the cycle are fertilized in a laboratory setting using either your partner’s sperm or donor sperm.  Should there be a surplus of embryos, they can be frozen via vitrification and used during a future cycle. 

Eco in vitro fertilization offers several benefits:

  • There are fewer side effects due to reducing the amount of fertility medication a woman receives
  • The amount of physical discomfort caused by using injectable medications is significantly reduced
  • The risk of developing OHSS is substantially decreased
  • The eggs produced during the cycle are of a high quality and are suitable for fertilization
  • The wait time between cycles is decreased or eliminated when compared to a traditional IVF protocol

Eco-IVF has success rates that are comparable of traditional IVF protocols.  This is because the eco protocol uses each woman’s natural fertility as the foundation.  The medication provided during an Eco-IVF cycle is specifically tailored to each woman’s needs, providing the perfect level of support that she needs.  In addition to the medication, each woman is closely monitored through blood work and ultrasound to monitor the progress of the cycle.

New Hope Fertility Center is a pioneer in the field of minimal stimulation in vitro fertilization. Conveniently located in Manhattan, the fertility care team at New Hope works to continuously improve their techniques and level of care they provide for their patients.    

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