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New Hope Fertility Center is Honored with The Hope Award for Achievement from RESOLVE

On Wednesday, November 6th, RESOLVE hosted their annual Night of Hope, where organizations from across the nation were celebrated for their efforts in infertility. Actress and activist Elizabeth Rohm hosted the event, which honored the awardees for their dedication to improving the lives of individuals fighting infertility.

New Hope Fertility Center, along with NYU Langone Medical Center received The Hope Award for Achievement, an award that recognizes individuals or organizations whose admirable accomplishments have helped to contribute to the lives of those diagnosed with infertility. The two centers were awared because, during the power outage of Hurricane Sandy in 2011, both centers joined forces to save the frozen embryos, eggs and sperm that were stored at NYU (For full article, go to: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2012/11/01/nyu-fertility-center-power-outage_n_2059309.html)

“We made every effort to be there for our patients and knowing that another center was trying to do the same for theirs, we could not turn them away. At that point we were all trying to keep these patients' hope alive. Having been trained at NYU and having Dr. Grifo as a mentor, I was humbled and honored to have welcomed them to our center.”

It was truly a night filled with hope and inspiration for those who are so deeply affected by infertility. As a center we will continue to strive to give our patients the most comprehensive treatments available, while holding ourselves to the highest integrity. We are pleased that we were able to open our doors to NYU and protect the futures of their patients as well.  


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