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How New Hope Fertility Has Pioneered the Mini IVF

Advancements in the field of fertility medicine continue to make IVF more comfortable and more effective. As a pioneer in the field of holistic IVF treatments, New Hope Fertility Center is responsible for many of the clinical advancements in the use of Minimal Stimulation IVF.

Mini-IVF Pioneers - new hope fertility center

Minimal Stimulation In Vitro Fertilization - Mini-IVF - takes an alternative approach to traditional IVF care. Through clinical trials, research and working with fertility experts worldwide, New Hope was able to understand that the key to positive outcomes was using high quality eggs. Therefore, the focus of IVF treatment should be on producing high quality eggs instead of focusing on the number of eggs produced.

During a Mini IVF cycle, small amounts of fertility medication are prescribed. Instead of using as many as 60 injections during a cycle, the Mini-IVF protocol uses oral medication and a maximum of three injections of fertility medication. By gently stimulating a woman’s body, fewer eggs are produced during a cycle. However, the eggs that are produced are of a higher quality and are better suited for fertilization and implantation.

New Hope’s Role in Minimal Stimulation IVF mini ivf

New Hope was among the first fertility centers in the United States to promote the use of Mini-IVF cycles. In addition to providing Mini IVF as a treatment option, New Hope ran a series of clinical trials in order to document and share the effectiveness of the mini stimulation protocol. Despite using less medication, producing fewer eggs and transferring a single embryo, the minimal stimulation protocol has success rates that rival that of traditional IVF treatment. The findings of the clinical research done at New Hope Fertility Center have been published in a number of medical journals including:

  • American Journal of Obstetrics-Gynecology
  • Gynecological Endocrinology
  • Reproductive BioMedicine Online

Discover the Mini-IVF Pioneers

For more helpful informatoin on how Mini-IVF can help you to get pregnant, contact the pioneers at New Hope Fertility Center. If you would like to schedule a consultation or learn about becoming a patient at New Hope Fertility Center, click the icon below - or - call us at 917-525-5496.


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