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Now That A High Rate of Women Are Freezing Their Eggs, Should You?


Despite growing exponentially in popularity, many women are unaware of the potential benefits of egg freezing.  Understanding the reasons for egg freezing and the process by which it is done can help you make an informed decision about preserving your fertility.  hands-stomach

Women’s bodies are most fertile from their teenage years until age 35.  It is during this period that eggs are the healthiest and best suited for fertilization and a healthy, successful pregnancy.  While a woman’s body is physically ready during this time frame, they may not yet be financially or emotionally ready to start a family.  In fact, more and more women are waiting to have children until they are established in their relationships and careers.  Unfortunately, many women find that when they are ready to have children, the aging process has negatively affected their fertility.

Egg freezing and storage allows you to store eggs until you are ready to start a family.  This procedure harvests eggs while you are most fertile and when your eggs are best suited for fertilization and pregnancy.   When you are ready to start a family, the eggs can be fertilized and then placed directly into your uterus.

How many eggs can I harvest?

The fertility care experts at New Hope Fertility Center create customized protocols for each of our patients.  The goal during a fertility preservation cycle is to get a large number of high quality eggs to have on hand for when you’re ready.  This is primarily done through the use of injectable fertility medication.  This medication will promote the growth and maturation of your eggs. The fertility care team takes care to make adjustments when needed to ensure that each of our patients receive the correct treatment protocol for their unique needs.

Are there side effects?

There are side effects associated with fertility medication.  Commonly reported side effects include headache, irritability, weight gain, and breast tenderness.  These side effects are temporary, and they subside once you are done taking the fertility medication.

New Hope is an industry leader in the field of fertility care.  For additional information about fertility preservation, contact us today. Please click the link below to enter your information and New Hope will contact you, or simply call 212-517-7676. Thank You.    


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