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NYCs Top Fertility Doctors and Fertility Center

Selecting the right fertility center NYC to grow your family is an important part of the fertility process.  The doctors and treatment team are directly responsible for helping you achieve the family you’ve been dreaming of.  Therefore, it is important to find the fertility center NYC that provides the best care. 2015-28

New Hope Fertility Center is the leading provider of fertility treatment in NYC.  Their center is set apart from others in the industry for a variety of reasons:

  • Personal Attention – There are no set treatment protocols at New Hope.  Each client’s treatment is determined by their specific medical needs as well as their goals for treatment.
  • State of the Art Facilities – The New Hope offices are highly appointed and includes a state of the art lab for testing and procedures.  Using the latest technology increases positive outcomes and ensures that each client is receiving the best treatment possible. 
  • Whole Person Treatment – Fertility care requires more than treatment of the physical reasons for fertility.  There is a considerable emotional component of fertility treatment as well.  New Hope addresses this through support groups, one on one sessions and outlets for stress including yoga. 

The personal approach to fertility care resulted in more holistic ways of providing IVF treatment.  By customizing medication to the needs of each client, New Hope is able to offer:

  • Natural Cycle IVF – This IVF protocol does not use fertility medication.  Instead of aiming to produce a large number of eggs, the natural IVF protocol aims to collect the one, high quality egg that is produced naturally.  This treatment is more comfortable for clients and is ideal for women who wish to avoid fertility medication or who do not respond well to fertility medication.
  • Minimal Stimulation IVF – This IVF protocol scales down the amount of medication used during IVF treatment.  Rather than attempting to grow a large number of eggs, the minimal stimulation treatment has the goal of generating a small number of high quality eggs.  This approach is gentler on the body while maintaining high success rates.

Schedule an appointment today to meet with the world class physicians at the top fertility center NYC. Please click the link below to enter your information and New Hope will contact you, or simply call 212-517-7676. Thank You.


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