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Octomom Doctor Loses License

Last month we mentioned the possibility of Nadya Suleman's fertility doctor getting his license revoked due to negligence.  As of Wednesday, the Medical Board of California has gone through with the revocation (source: NYTimes).

Better known as the "octomom," Suleman became pregnant with eight children through the fertility treatment of Dr. Michael Kamrava, who admits to implanting the then 33-year-old with 12 embryos.  As reported previously, Suleman's case is not an isolated incident - two other patients have suffered complications from Kamrava's IVF treatments.

Already the mother of six children as a result of IVF treatments through Kamrava, Suleman's case is a prime example of the importance of standards in dealing with women's reproductive health.  Conventional IVF treatments, coupled with high doses of medication and multiple embryo transfers, has consistently proven to be a high risk treatment that leads to multiple child pregnancies that carry risk for both mother and child.  Suleman is only the second mother in the US to give birth to octoplets alive, with many other instances leading to low birth rates and other complications.

At NHFC, we take pride in treating each patients individual needs with an emphasis on taking the most natural and minimally evasive routes in the quest to get our potential mother's pregnant.  For more information on our natural and Mini-IVF protocols, click here.

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