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Stories and comments have been popping up throughout the blogosphere concerning New York Magazine's recent cover story Parents of a Certain Age.

Among the responses include pieces from the San Francisco Chronicle and Babble's Being Pregnant blog, which do indeed provide thorough summaries of both the positives and negatives of being a parent over 45.  While the latter piece disagrees with older women undergoing IVF treatment to become pregnant, New Hope Fertility Center aligns itself more with this Babble post, which underlines an important (and likely rhetorical) question: does being an older parent make parenthood "any less good?"

Understanding the stigma that often comes with choosing to be a parent later in life, New Hope Fertility Center's unique protocols, including our "One-Good-Egg policy" and no FSH restriction policy, provide women with the optimum conditions for becoming pregnant at an older age.  As a matter of fact, by treating each of our patients on a case-by-case basis, New Hope has been able to succeed in helping women otherwise deemed too difficult for IVF treatment by other clinics (due to age or FSH level) achieve their dreams of motherhood.

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