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Usually when you come in for an egg retrieval, many oocytes will be collected.  If your goal is pregnancy, why so many eggs?

 The answer is simple:  Not everyone will become pregnant on the first try and not all of the oocytes will be good.    With genetic screening, our embryologists will predetermine the quality of your egg and be able to tell whether or not it will most likely result in a healthy birth. 

But after you get pregnant, what happens to the remaining oocytes?Egg-Rejuvenation-web

With IVF, after your treatment, you have a choice, to keep the remaining eggs or have then destroyed.  Similarly, with Egg Donation, you may have a choice too.  As a patient donor, New Hope Fertility Center is looking at MODIFIED EGG DONATION where up to 1/2 of your eggs are frozen and stored for your future use.  The other half will be donated as planned.  Freezing some of your eggs will allow you flexibility in the future to have a(nother) child, plan for the unexpected, or take advantage of future technologies, like 3 parent IVF.  In the case of 3 Parent IVF, or NUCLEAR TRANSFER, only unfertilized eggs can be used.   So before you say goodbye to your unwanted eggs or donating all of them, consider storing for the future!


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