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How to Plan Your Summer While Trying to Get Pregnant

3.18.jpgSummer is a prime time for trying to get pregnant so you can give birth to a healthy baby next spring. Unfortunately, having a baby the natural way isn’t always easy. Increase your odds of getting pregnant by up to 25 percent this summer. All you need to do is be more proactive in your quest for conception success. This summer, the fertility specialists at New Hope Fertility NYC have designed a simple plan of action to boost your chances of pregnancy success.

  • First Step: Make an appointment with a fertility specialist
  • Second Step: Implement easy, at-home proactive tools to get pregnant

Summer Plan of Action to Get Pregnant

To avoid any medical complications preventing you from conceiving over the summer, make an appointment with a fertility specialist for a thorough reproductive examination and preliminary evaluation. It can’t be emphasized enough – up to 34 percent of infertility cases are due to structural issues with a woman’s reproductive system. At New Hope Fertility NYC, every patient undergoes a complete fertility assessment to evaluate reproductive health.

Why does this matter? Flagging any potential cause of infertility is the only way to quickly and cost-effectively help you get pregnant over the summer. Once the cause of infertility is identified, a customized treatment plan will be designed based on your medical and personal needs.

When the structural soundness of your reproductive system has been cleared by a fertility specialist, you can then begin to take proactive measure on your own to get pregnant! Here’s a catch: Make sure to ask for and retain a copy of your fertility assessment and diagnostic test results to keep for your future use should your summer plan to get pregnant fail.

Ovarian Reserve Check

A woman is born with between 2 and 3 million eggs. By puberty, the number of eggs typically has dwindled to approximately 500,000. This decrease in a woman’s ovarian reserve – the number of eggs she has left – continues to occur over time. When a woman reaches her mid-30s, there is a significant drop in her ovarian reserve and age-related infertility is the natural consequence. At New Hope Fertility NYC, our specialists focus on maximizing the quality of a woman’s egg production – not quantity of eggs. Look! This is our one good egg policy.

Ovulation Regularity Check

Timing is everything when a couple is trying to conceive. Here’s the deal: A woman’s ovulation cycle can be closely monitored to determine the optimal time for sexual intercourse – her ovulation window. Timed intercourse therapy is an increasingly popular method of monitoring a woman’s ovulation cycle through ultrasound and blood tests. When a woman’s ovulation window has been identified – your team at New Hope Fertility NYC will let you know the optimal time for you and your partner to have sexual intercourse.

Why is this important? Your basal body temperature will rise in the two days following ovulation. This temp rise can last for one to three days post-ovulation. The longer your basal body temperature stays high, the better chance you have of conceiving with regular sexual intercourse during your ovulation window. Bottom Line: This summer, you can easily monitor your ovulation window on your own with a little pre-planning.

Second Step in Proactive Plan of Action to Get Pregnant

  • Over-the-Counter Ovulation Kit
  • Basal Body Temperature Chart
  • Menstrual Cycle Calendar
  • Sexual Intercourse Calendar

Over-the-Counter Ovulation Kit

Purchase an over-the-counter ovulation kit at your local drug store or online at Amazon. This handy kit will help you to determine your ovulation window. You can also use an online menstrual cycle calculator. The fertility specialists at New Hope Fertility NYC recommend the prime days to and not to have sexual intercourse for your best chances of pregnancy success.

Days to have sexual intercourse:

  • Day 12
  • Day 14
  • Day 16
  • Day 20

Days NOT to have sexual intercourse:

  • Day 1
  • Day 11

Basal Body Temperature

Purchase an over-the-counter basal body thermometer at your local drug store or online. Print out this basal body temperature chart. Charting your basal body temperature (and cervical mucus thickness) is a great way to determine your ovulation window so you’ll know when is the best time to have sexual intercourse and successfully conceive a baby.

Get charting!

  • On the first day of your monthly period – fill in the date and day of the week under cycle day 1
  • Continue noting the dates of your cycle until the first day of your next period
  • Each morning when you wake up – before you drink, eat, have sex, or even sit up in bed – take your temperature with a basal thermometer
  • Place a dot next to the temperature on the chart that is closest to your thermometer reading for that morning
  • Note the time you took your temperature next to the dot
  • Make sure to take your temperature consistently around this same time every subsequent morning
  • Connect the dots to see how your basal temperature fluctuates from day-to-day

Plan for an Intrauterine Insemination (IUI) this Summer

Timed intercourse in conjunction with Intrauterine Insemination (IUI) is usually the first recommended method of increasing your chances of pregnancy this summer. IUI is the best and lowest cost approach to becoming pregnant when timed intercourse at home fails. IUI is a proven method of treating unexplained fertility or ovulation dysfunction.

What to do if your summer plan to get pregnant doesn’t work?

It is important to work with a fertility care team having the experience to accurately diagnose the underlying cause of your infertility and design a customized treatment plan meeting your specific medical and personal needs.

To schedule your initial consultation with one of the fertility specialists at New Hope Fertility NYC, click the icon below – or – call 917.525.5496.

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