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Getting Pregnant After 40 | IVF Success Stories

Sometimes life doesn't always go as planned.  When you were in your twenties, you may have found yourself talking with your girlfriends about how you'd all have kids in 10 years, and if you didn't have kids yet, you'd at least be married.

If your family life didn't go quite as planned and you find yourself wanting to get pregnant in your 40s, there is no reason to rid of your lifelong dreams.  Perhaps you excelled in your career or dated several men who didn't meet your needs in the right way.  Whatever the reason, it's okay to still want what you dreamed of when you pictured "Mr. Right" or envisioned yourself holding your baby for the first time.

At New Hope Fertility, we don't discriminate based on age, and since our protocols are customized for each individual patient, we've been able to help many women in their 40s get pregnant.

We recently helped a few women in their 40s successfully conceive using donor eggs and our natural IVF techniques.  Our first patient arrived at New Hope dealing with secondary infertility at the age of 43. After electing to try our international Donor Egg IVF Program, she got pregnant -- with twins -- following her frozen embryo transfer.

Another woman came to NHFC, also at the age of 43, struggling with unexplained primary infertility. Due to a high FSH and her personal preference, Ms. 43 tried our Natural Cycle IVF protocol, and after a fresh embryo transfer using her own egg and no fertility medications, she got pregnant!

Our last IVF success story involves a 42-year-old, also struggling with primary infertility and hoping to try a less invasive approach to her fertility care.  Following her frozen embryo transfer retrieved from our Mini-IVF™ treatment, she recently announced she was pregnant.

Congratulations to our three recent IVF success stories from women in their 40s.  You are mommy models for us all!

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