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Pregnancy After a Miscarriage | IVF Success Stories

At New Hope Fertility Center, we have many women and couples who seek our help after they have experienced a miscarriage.  In some of our more emotionally trying cases, these women have not just had one, but two or even three miscarriages.

The instance of miscarriage is truly devastating for all those involved, which is why our fertility specialists treat these cases with the extra care and attention to individual detail that they deserve.

Under to guidance of New Hope's experienced team of fertility experts, New Hope has developed protocols specific to each miscarriage patient in order to ease stress and help these individuals with the right combination of hope and expertise.  We have three recent IVF stories to report -- that all involve women who experienced miscarriage before coming to our center and were able to get pregnant with our help.

Our first IVF success story comes from Ms. 46, who had a history of one miscarriage when she came to New Hope. After consulting with our doctors, she elected to try our Donor IVF program, and got pregnant immediately following her first donor frozen embryo transfer!

Our second story involves Ms. 33, who came to New Hope after two miscarriages. After completing one Mini-IVF™ cycle she chose to freeze her embryos, since our frozen embryo protocols have high rates of success after transfer. While her first frozen embryo transfer didn't achieve pregnancy, she got pregnant with her second try!

Our final story of the week is from Ms. 36, also with a history of one miscarriage like Ms. 46.  Upon careful consideration of her personal health history, our fertility specialists, along Ms. 36, elected to try a few timed intercourse cycles that were unfortunately unsuccessful. The next step we decided to take was have Ms. 36 complete a few Mini-IVF™ cycles in order to produce and preserve her fertility until she was ready to try again.  She was ready to try again at age 40, and after her first frozen embryo transfer she got pregnant with an embryo she froze in 2007.  Clearly an emotionally challenging story, we're so happy to report on this woman's particular case, which is as real as it gets when it comes to struggling with infertility and miscarriage.

Congrats to all three of our recent IVF success stories!!!

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