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Today, there are resources aplenty aimed to educate women trying to conceive.  Blogs, news clips, and online forums all provide platforms that connect and inform women and their partners who may be having trouble getting pregnant, revealing everything from heartfelt surrogacy success stories to shared struggles with fertility treatments.

NPR is on the fast track to becoming a leader of information when its comes to the topic of fertility medicine with their "21st Century Families" series, which highlights positive advances in the field of IVF protocols.  Other than focusing on the fertility methods available, however, the news source pays equal attention to other factors that contribute to infertility.  In their blog "The Baby Project," readers and doctors provide personal stories and tips to enlighten women and their partners of things to be cognizant of when it comes to maintaining fertility.

NPR blog host Janey Adams outlines the main health steps women (and men) should take into account before trying to conceive in her recent piece "You May Be Ready For A Baby, But Is Your Body?" Among the most notable, according to interviewee Dr. Kirstiaan Nevin:
    • quit smoking
    • adjust medication dosages
    • take vitamins, especially B complex
    • consume caffeine, alcohol, and sweets in moderation
    • know your cycle

If these health tips don't produce positive pregnancy tests, Dr. Nevin suggests considering other factors at play that may affect sperm count (ie. alcohol consumption, not exercising, wearing tight fitting pants) and issues that affect a woman's reproductive system (ie. tubal blockage, polycystic ovary syndrome).  If these steps still don't provide couples with answers, fertility specialists can come next, who, like those here at New Hope, can provide the most effective pregnancy plans to fit the individual needs of each patient.

You can read the full story here.

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