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How to Preserve Your Fertility While Treating Lymphoma

Treating lymphoma properly is necessary to beat the disease and to return to your health. Unfortunately, treating lymphoma can cause infertility in both men and women. Therefore, treating lymphoma and fertility preservation go hand in hand. Before you begin your treatment, there are several things you should consider. 

Preserving Your Fertility 

Some medications used in the treatment of lymphoma can result in infertility. While your doctors will aim to limit the use of these medications, they must consider the best tools they can use in order to put the lymphoma into remission. Medications work differently with different people. Some individuals will not experience infertility even with high doses of medication. Other people may experience infertility with low dosages or will see changes in their reproductive systems. Therefore, it is ideal to consider fertility preservation before beginning treatment. 

Lymphoma and Infertility in Women   fertility preservation

Chemotherapy can affect the entire body, including a woman’s eggs reserves, rendering them unusable.  To prevent this, women can consider preserving their eggs before beginning treatment. 

There are two options to accomplish this.

1. An egg freezing cycle. An egg freezing cycle is a varied protocol of the Conventional IVF procedure. This option requires that a woman take fertility medication so that her body produces multiple eggs. Once the eggs are mature, they are surgically retrieved, frozen, and stored until a woman is ready to use them.

2. Ovarian tissue freezing.  This option removes a piece of the outer layer of the ovary, where eggs are housed.  That layer will contain hundreds of immature eggs. Once treatment is complete, the eggs can be matured in a laboratory setting or the tissue can be returned to the body where it will function normally. 

Lymphoma and Infertility in Men 

In men, chemotherapy can halt the ability to produce sperm. For men, fertility preservation is possible by storing semen in a process known as sperm banking. The sperm may then be frozen and used during intrauterine insemination or for in vitro fertilization in order to have children in the future. 

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