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What Qualifications Do You Look For in a Potential Egg Donor?

Egg donation is one of the most selfless things a woman can do to help a couple who are unable to conceive a baby on their own. In order to ensure that women are qualified to become an egg donor, there are several qualities they must possess, as well as screenings that must be passed. At New Hope Fertility Center, the industry leader in egg donation, the process is relatively simple. There is no need to sync up cycles prior to donation as all donated eggs are banked until a couple selects them. Learn more about the qualifications requirements and process below.

Requirements of Potential Egg Donors

Medical Requirements   egg-fertilization.jpg

The first set of requirements are medical and are necessary to verify the health of the potential egg donor, as well as the health and quality of her eggs. In order to qualify as an egg donor, women must be:

  • Between 18 and 28
  • Drug and smoke free
  • A healthy weight for their height
  • Producing hormones at adequate levels to support an egg donation cycle

Additionally, there are specific items that can disqualify a woman from becoming an egg donor. Women are unable to donate if they have:

  • A history sexually transmitted diseases, even if they were successfully treated
  • A personal or family history of genetic diseases

Mental and Emotional Requirements

Once the medical screening is passed, there is another set of screenings ensuring potential egg donors are mentally and emotionally suited for the process. This set of screening also verifies that potential donor understands the complete donation process. Finally, egg donors must be comfortable self-administering fertility medication. This often requires multiple injections over a short period of time. The medication is necessary to induce the donor’s ovaries to produce multiple eggs during the cycle. Without this medication, the cycle cannot be successful.

Potential Egg Donors

If you’ve been thinking about becoming an egg donor or are ready to begin the process, contact one of our World Class Doctors at New Hope Fertility Center today. Please click the link below to enter your information and a fertility specialist from New Hope will contact you - or, simply call 212-969-7422.


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