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A Quick Guide on Financing IVF Treatment

Fertility Assessment Dr Pt ConsultBecause IVF is expensive and insurance coverage of costs is rare, most couples are often unable to undergo treatment when faced with having to pay out-of-pocket. Look: There are many IVF financing options available to you so that you can affordably undergo treatment and build your family. The best part? You do not have to raise your risk of conceiving a multiple pregnancy by transferring more than one embryo in a single cycle. At New Hope Fertility Center, we promote Single Embryo Transfers (SET). Bottom Line: You can have one baby at a time without raising your IVF financing costs and expenses.

Financing IVF Treatment

Our Financial Counselors will help you navigate the costs and expenses of IVF treatment so that you can focus on successful treatment. We have several solutions to help finance your cost of IVF treatment.

Lower Your Up-Front IVF Cost

With low interest rate loans that are available to qualified patients, it is easy to apply for and receive financing without hurting your credit score.

United Medical Credit offers affordable payment plans for IVF and other infertility treatment procedures. They have an extensive network of prime and subprime loans.

  • Multiple plans to choose from
  • Easy application process
  • Instant decisions

Parasail Select is an online loan search engine offering a user-friendly application process.

  • Less than two minutes to complete an easy application
  • Immediate approval
  • Receive funds in 48 hours
  • Search doesn’t affect your credit score
  • Compare loan offers from up to 14 online lenders
  • Choose the best option available

With a secure online application, you can begin treatments immediately.

Infertility Insurance Coverage

We participate with many insurance providers, including those extending out-of-network benefits. Even before your initial consultation, our Financial Counselors will contact your insurance company and help you determine your specific eligibility for infertility treatment coverage. Our counselors will obtain a comprehensive understanding of your coverage for treatment and explain it to you during your initial consultation.

Crowdfunding Financial Support

Crowdfunding is an online movement to raise funds from the general public. The movement works on the premise that collecting relatively small amounts for many people is easier than financing large amounts from one or more financial institutions.

You can use a crowdfunding site to easily build a campaign to generate funds from your personal network of family, friends, and others who support family building efforts.

Share your crowdfunding site on social media and find financial support from places you’d never expected.

Some crowdfunding sites to consider include:


This is our revolutionary outcome-based financial service. IVF SURE™ combines cutting-edge IVF treatment with guaranteed results. Because it may take you multiple IVF cycles to conceive, we bundle the cost of your treatments so that you can save with this no-risk program. If you don’t get pregnant – we will reimburse your money.

  • $25,400 fixed fee for 3 IVF cycles within 9 months
  • No hidden costs or expenses
  • Guaranteed refund
  • Patient is only responsible for cost of medications – between $480 and $1800 per cycle
  • IVF SURE™ fixed outcome-based pricing does not include the cost of surgically retrieving sperm and/or ICSI.

IVF SURE™ Works For You

  • Women 38-years or younger
  • Women having a regular menstrual cycle
  • Women suffering from Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS)
  • Couples not diagnosed with male-factor infertility

How IVF SURE™ Works in Tandem With Mini-IVF™

Our Mini-IVF™ can increase your chances of pregnancy without the need for large dosages of costly fertility medications used to produce an excessive number of eggs. Here’s the deal: The goal with a Mini-IVF™ protocol is to produce between 3 and 5 quality eggs per fresh cycle. The best part: Pregnancy success rates for Mini-IVF™ are comparable to Conventional IVF.

Because lower dosages of fertility medications are prescribed to only produce 3 to 5 high quality eggs, the patient’s expense per Mini-IVF™ cycle is reduced. With a Mini-IVF™ protocol, the patient’s physical discomfort is lessened because her body is not forced into producing the 10 to 15 eggs reached in a Conventional IVF cycle.

Affordable IVF Treatment

Place your trust in a fertility care team who strives to make IVF affordable. Our multidisciplinary team approach to treating your infertility will:

  • Offer the highest chances of pregnancy
  • Be the most cost-effective
  • Produce the best overall patient trust and satisfaction

Contact the Fertility Experts at New Hope Fertility Center. To schedule your initial consultation, click the icon below – or – call 917.525.5496.

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