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Receiving Treatment From a Long Distance Fertility Doctor

Choosing the right fertility doctor is crucial to increasing your chances of getting pregnant at an affordable cost. It can be frusturating not to find a preferred fertility doctor in your local area. Don't be deterred from seeking the best fertility doctor. In 2017, it is very common for couples to receive treatment from a long distance fertility doctor. Patients living throughout the U. S. and abroad have chosen their fertility doctor at New Hope Fertility NYC.

Long Distance Fertility Doctor

Summer is around the corner and traveling is optimal. Improved weather makes scheduling flights easier and more reliable. Many travel packages to NYC can be found online during the Summer and Fall months when tourism is at a peak. Although the purpose of your trip is to find the right fertility doctor, your travels will not be restrained from site seeing while exploring NYC. Your inital consultation and fresh IVF cycle may be the only two trips to the City you will make.

Fertility Treatment with a Distance  


At first glance, working with a fertility doctor that is not in your local area may seem financially and medically unrealistic. However, by working with a local physician’s office for blood work and ultrasound, you are able to be home for much of your treatment. The results of your tests can be sent to New Hope Fertility NYC by your local doctor. After receiving the results of your tests, our doctors will provide direction on medication dosages and report on your body's performance to your treatment plan.


Internationally Renowned Fertility Doctor

Dr. John Zhang founded New Hope Fertility Center in 2004. He completed his clinical training at NYU, holds a Ph.D. in IVF from Cambridge, and has over two decades of experience in Reproductive Biology. Dr. Zhang is an internationally renowned pioneering authority in Natural Cycle IVF and Mini IVF care. The Doctor continues to actively research, publish, and contribute to the field of Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART)

New Hope Fertility Center is truly a global leader in the field of human reproductive medicine, bringing together a team of world-class scientists and clinicians committed to providing the best in fertility care — from maintaining the highest medical and scientific standards, to supporting you through every stage of your journey to parenthood.


Long Distance Fertility Doctor

If you are struggling with infertility, discover the top IVF center by contacting New Hope Fertility NYC. It is important to work with a fertility care team having the experience to accurately diagnose the underlying cause of your infertility and design an IVF treatment protocol that is best for you as an individual. Customized IVF care at New Hope Fertility NYC offers the highest success rates and best overall patient satisfaction.

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