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Regular, Moderate Exercise This Summer Will Improve Your Fertility

Woman Exercising.jpgRegular exercise this summer – done in moderation – can actually benefit your reproductive health and increase your fertility level by as much as 25 percent. In contrast – over-exercising must be avoided because intense workouts may actually cause you to stop ovulating. Why is this important? Women who are trying to conceive should exercise – but not to the point of exhaustion. When women push themselves too much physically, their estrogen level decreases. A prominent decrease in estrogen will cause ovulation to stop. Bottom line: Put off that marathon training if you are wanting to get pregnant this summer.

A Balanced Exercise Program Will Improve Your Fertility

Exercise in moderation is good for you if you’re trying to get pregnant. Look: You can improve your fertility by as much as 25 percent through a regular, balanced exercise plan. A Nurses’ Health Study reported by the National Institutes of Health (NIH) confirmed that regular physical activity three to five times per week will help to control blood sugar levels and reduce the risk of an ovulatory dysfunction. By burning off sugar in the blood through exercise, insulin levels will not reach extreme levels interfering with ovulatory function and conception.

It can’t be emphasized enough. Exercise also helps keep androgens at a level promoting – not hindering – fertility health. By promoting blood flow to the reproductive organs, exercise decreases inflammation and reduces stress associated with infertility.

An Exercise Program to Maximize Fertility

A 2017 NIH study demonstrated that moderate physical activity is associated with improved age-specific levels of ovarian reserve markers. The fertility specialists at New Hope Fertility NYC recommend at least 30 minutes of moderate exercise three to five times per week. But there’s a catch. If you’re out of shape and trying to lose Body Mass Index (BMI), please start slowly. Gradually increase your exercise regimen so as to not cause stress to your body.

Alternating Your Moderate Exercise Regimen

  • Stretching plus light walking on Day 1
  • Stretching plus aerobics, or treadmill, or biking, or powerwalking on Day 2
  • Stretching plus weight strengthening on Day 3
  • Repeat Days 1, 2, and 3

Exercising Throughout Your Monthly Cycle

  • Avoid strenuous exercise during menses
  • Try workouts having a meditative edge – yoga, tai chi, or qi gong
  • Spend 20 to 30 minutes a day on aerobic exercise pre-ovulation
  • During ovulation, exercise gently by swimming or walking – no high impact exercise such as running or power aerobics
  • Exercise during ovulation encourages good blood flow to the uterus
  • Only do moderate exercise to get blood flow moving after ovulation – when an embryo may be trying to implant
  • Avoid aerobic and high-impact exercise post-ovulation window

Preventing Common Exercise Injuries

Every activity – especially daily workouts – must begin with a gentle warm-up to prevent injury. A warm-up will prevent most common injuries from happening during exercise.

  • Increases blood flow to muscles
  • Helps flexibility
  • Decreases chance of injury

Listen to Your Body

Be smart and recognize when your body is experiencing fatigue. Muscle fatigue eliminates your innate physical protective reactions and increases risk of injury.

Signs You Are Overdoing It

  • You have difficulty catching your breath
  • You become lightheaded or dizzy
  • You are weak to the point of exhaustion
  • You have an inability to maintain your upright balance without assistance
  • You are experiencing excessive swelling, tingling, numbness in a limb or joint
  • You have physical pain lasting more than a few days

Home Remedies for When You Overdo It = P-R-I-C-E

  • P = Protect your body from further injury with splint, pad, or crutch
  • R = Restrict activity by halting your sport until injury subsides
  • I = Apply ice immediately to reduce inflammation – don’t use heat because it encourages swelling and inflammation
  • C = Apply compress with an elastic bandage to reduce swelling
  • E = Elevate the injured area above the heart to reduce swelling

Exercise should make you feel good – physically and emotionally. Do not let yourself become drained or exhausted. Here’s the deal: While you are trying to get pregnant – stay away from your peak exercise level. When you get to an endorphin rush – scale back – you are pushing it too far from a prime fertility perspective.

Enhancing Your Fertility This Summer

It is important to work with a fertility care team having the experience to accurately diagnose the underlying cause of your infertility. Then, customized treatment plan can be designed to meet your specific medical, personal, and financial needs.

To schedule your initial consultation with one of the fertility specialists at New Hope Fertility NYC, click the icon below – or – call 917.525.5496.

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