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Reigniting Your Fire After Infertility

fertility and summer

Summer offers us many perks that we look forward to all year: longer days, more ripe fruits at the local market, and more time committed to "cooling off."  In traditional Chinese medicine, Summer can actually offer guidance to those of you struggling with infertility.  With the warmth this season brings, why not take advantage of the seasons natural flow by committing to your own growth and happiness this year?

Dealing with infertility can be isolating. As you witness friends have children without issue and dodge the inevitable "baby question" at family gatherings, you might find yourself retreating from social activities.  Summer's energy, however, encourages companionship.  With blooms and berries full and abundant, it's almost as if the season begs us to come out and enjoy!

Below are a few tips, several borrowed from traditional Eastern Medicine, regarding how to let Summer guide you this year:

  1. Water, water, water.  Associated with the Fire element, Summer's heat must be balanced with water. Staying hydrated ensures we're staying focused on what's really important -- our own health -- and replenishing what we lose through sweat.

  2. Eat fruit.   In traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), the Summer season is also the season of heart and digestive health (specifically the small intestine).  Fruits like peaches, strawberries and tomatos are packed with nutrients that are heart healthy and contain fiber, helping clean out the small intestine.

  3. Commit to "happy-making" activities.  The heart, often linked to joy, is also a focus of Summer, according to TCM.  Be gentle with yourself during your struggle with infertility and make sure to commit to some of those favorite activities you may have ditched during previous seasons.  Go for a swim, take a hike, or knit on the front porch.  Whatever makes you happy deserves more attention this season!

  4. Consider activities centered around breathing.  Since Summer is represented by Fire, an element that relies on air, Yoga, meditation and other practices that focus on breathing can help you center yourself when infertility related stress takes hold.

  5. Have fun!  If you're dealing with infertility, there's no better time than Summer to truly nourish yourself!  The longer days award us with more time to enjoy outdoor activities and time with loved ones at the end of the day, take advantage.

For more tips on eating and working out for the seasons, feel free to reach out to our social media team.

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