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Remembering Lesley Brown | IVF Success Stories

As we learned of Lesley Brown's recent passing, we here at New Hope felt it only right to dedicate this week's IVF success stories to the mother of IVF. Brown's desire to have a baby, and persistence in earning her dream of motherhood through the help of IVF pioneers Patrick Steptoe and Prof. Robert Edwards, all while undergoing tremendous scrutiny from church groups, journalists, and other doctors, is something that each woman carries with her when she enters a fertility center.  Without knowing it, Ms. Brown has empowered so many women who, like her, choose to battle infertility head on and fearlessly overcome personal and societal barriers that surround assisted reproduction.

So, without further ado, this weeks New Hope Success Stories are for you, Ms. Brown.  Each woman here carries a little part of your legacy within them!

We're pleased to announce a 3 Mini-IVF™ stories today, all involving women in their 30s who had difficulty conceiving on their own.

Two of these pregnancies, involving a 34-year-old and a 36-year-old, arrived at New Hope with trouble conceiving with their first child.  The third woman, a 38-year-old, was experiencing secondary infertility, or trouble getting pregnant with her second child.

All three women elected our minimal stimulation, or Mini-IVF™, treatment.  Mini-IVF™ harnesses the power of nature in that it uses less medication and produces less eggs in order to ensure the woman's cycle mimics the naturally occurring processes of the female reproductive system.  Conventional methods typically count on hyperstimulating a woman's ovaries through overmedication, and often produce multiple eggs that are of lower quality compared to the few quality eggs produced through Mini-IVF™.  Not to mention, traditional IVF methods can lead to risky multiple births, that create unsafe environments for both mother and child.

Through our Mini-IVF™ treatment, all three of these women got pregnant after just 1 Mini-IVF™ cycle and a (single) frozen embryo transfer.  Case in point that you only need one good egg to produce a healthy baby, and you can beat infertility without hyperstimulating the body!  Congrats to our recent IVF pregnancies!




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