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SART Releases IVF Success Rates | Single Embryo Transfers Up

We're excited to announce that the Society for Assisted Reproductive Technology has recently posted its  2010 IVF Success Rate National Summary online.

ivf success ratesThe IVF success report compiles information submitted from all of its member clinics in the United States to create a comprehensive look at the number of healthy live births created through assisted reproductive technology techniques.  The ART techniques considered for the report include IVF (both fresh and frozen embryo transfers), ICSI, Gestational Carrier using patient's eggs, and donor egg IVF cases.  According to the SART report, 146,693 treatment cycles led to the birth of 58,727 babies in 2010.

Details in the latest SART IVF success rate summary represent the positive trends and changes being made within the self-regulated fertility industry.  As with New Hope Fertility Center, the American Society for Reproductive Medicine and SART support the practice of single embryo transfers to decrease high-risk multiple births, which is directly reflected in the most recent summary.

We're excited to see the trend towards safer and more affordable IVF care continue to grow as more SART member clinics practice single embryo transfers, one of our main practices here at New Hope Fertility.

ASRM, SART, and its member clinics continue to make the fertility care sector safer by creating guidelines aimed towards ensuring IVF practices are safe across the board.  That being said, it can only go uphill from here!

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