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Should the Cost of Egg Donation be Regulated by Government?

Egg donation is a way to help couples who are unable to conceive on their own. These individuals include people from all walks of life, including LGBTQ couples and those using surrogates. The cost of using donor eggs varies widely based on location and the type of egg needed. The amount of compensation – and therefore the cost of donor eggs – is often higher for certain ethnic groups who have a lower supply.

Egg Donation Cost and Government Regulation

Currently, there is little federal regulation about the cost of donor eggs, both on the compensation side for donors and for the cost for recipients. The question is, will regulating cost of egg donation help or hurt a couple’s ability to use donor eggs.

Current Guidelines   egg donation

Currently, the only guardrails regulating cost of egg donation are industry guidelines that set the limit of $10,000 for donor compensation. These regulations indicate that going above this amount is inappropriate. However, adherence to these regulations is not 100 percent. Some ethnicities are in high supply. Asian and Jewish donors, however, receive much more compensation because they are in high deman. As donor eggs increasingly become a more socially acceptable way of having a family, the demand for donated eggs will increase influence the price of the supply.

Pros of Regulation

There are pros of regulating the cost of egg donation.

  • Standardizing the compensation amount for donors
  • Allowing donors make decisions based on issues other than compensation
  • Ensuring that certain individuals do not get priced out of using donor eggs given unlimited cost
  • Setting a standard at the federal level that all egg donation centers must follow

Cons of Regulation

There are also multiple cons of regulating cost of egg donation.

  • Reducing center’s ability to attract donor eggs that are in high demand
  • Reducing center's ability to remain in business due to arbitrarily higher costs
  • Increasing the cost for egg recipients due to potentially higher fees and regulation

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