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Social Media and Pregnancy Test Results

Current trends show an increasing number of women (and couples) sharing their pregnancy tests results with not just friends and family, but with the millions of users of social media sites, particularly YouTube.

The latest craze in the world of fertility and parenthood, "WombTube," as characterized by news sources such as Good Morning America, produces thousands of results on the web with videos featuring women sharing their pregnancy test results online.  In some cases, women are even treating those on the other side of the screen as the first individuals to hear the news.

Opinions concerning the "WombTube" phenomenon have already arisen on both sides of the spectrum.  Some experts believe sharing both positive and negative results can empower other women dealing with the difficulties of getting pregnant, either naturally or through other methods like IVF, to gain a greater understanding that they are not alone in the sometimes bumpy roads towards conception.  Others, however, such as psychologist Lynne Kenney who interviewed with GMA, explains the false hope these shared experiences can potentially breed in cases where women share too soon (ie. if positive pregnancy tests lead to miscarriage), "You want to think about protecting your heart and your privacy a little bit, as you're sharing this early information with the world (source: ABC)."

Howbeit people view the new "WombTube" trend, the pregnancy test monologues are not hurting in viewership, with many users choosing to follow women throughout their journey to motherhood.  There are several participants with views in the upper thousands, many of whom share their accounts from test to birth.

You can read GMA's full story here.

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