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Spring: The Season of Fertility

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Frustrated with your difficulty conceiving?  Fear no more -- Spring has sprung!  As flowers flourish and gardens grow, the arrival of Spring gives us time to reflect on what is going on inside our bodies, shifting focus towards nourishing health, and in some cases, bettering the chance of future pregnancy.

According to traditional Eastern Medicine, the Spring season is a time of detoxification and renewal.  Just as fresh buds appear and leafy greens fill up farmer's market stands, so do our liver and gallbladder spring forward in an effort to remove toxins and aid digestion.

Considering Spring's role in revealing nature's fertility, it only makes sense that if we commit to the health of our own "gardens," good health and renewed energy will follow.

Here are some helpful Spring tips to follow as you work towards maintaining a healthy uterine environment!
Spring Cleaning Your Body

  1. Eat green.  You'll see an increase in leafy greens at your local farmer's market as the season starts.  Dandelion greens, spinach, mustard greens, and arugula all help the liver move bile through and out the body, ridding of metals and toxins.

  2. Have (healthy) taco night with extra Guacamole! Hass Avocados, available year-round, also help the liver cleanse toxins.  As an added bonus, the avocado visually mimics the uterus, so add slices to your salad for extra reproductive support.

  3. Add garlic.  Having pizza or pasta night?  Along with healthy pasta alternatives like brown rice or Quinoa noodles (gluten has been associated with fertility issues in some), add extra garlic to your dish.  A natural antibacterial, garlic has compounds that specifically help the liver cleanse itself.

  4. Try Yin Yoga.  Yin Yoga focuses on Qi. In Chinese medicine, Qi is the energy that flows through certain paths in the body, lending clues as to which poses to do for each organ.  Poses for the liver and gallbladder include Child's Pose, Shoelace Pose, and Corpse Pose.

  5. Stop and smell the roses. We need rest and relaxation so the liver and gallbladder can focus on doing their jobs. Along with growth, Spring asks us to enjoy the scenery by offering up natural eye candy that can help us lay back as we take in our surroundings.

For more tips on eating and working out for the seasons, feel free to reach out to our social media team.

We hope these tips give new meaning to the term "Spring forward!"


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