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Stem Cells May Give More Options to the Infertile

Scientists at Massachusetts General Hospital have reported that stem cells obtained from mouse and human ovaries (in separate experiments) produced viable egg cells that could later be fertilized and develop into healthy embryos.

The research team, led by Johnathan Tilly at Mass General hope the findings can open the doors to finding more ways to help those battling infertility, an issue that affects 7.3 million women and their partners in the United States alone.  If the research is indeed confirmed, fertility doctors may have another possible option in treating those with fertility related issues and/or those women wishing to preserve their fertility.

Upon reading the report in the Nature Medicine journal, our founder, Dr. John Zhang, finds the research promising, hoping it means "we can one day produce healthy oocytes (egg) cells from ovaries that may be past their reproductive prime through the use of stem cells."

We're happy to report on this advance in the field of stem cells that contributes directly to the field of reproductive medicine.  Our clinic continues to also conduct work with stem cells, and we look forward to reporting on future stories in this area of scientific research.

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