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Success Stories of Minimal Stimulation IVF in NYC

baby-parent-feetMinimal stimulation in vitro fertilization protocols are a more holistic way of treating infertility.  Unlike the traditional method of doing in vitro, minimal stimulation treatments build upon a woman’s natural fertility by gently stimulating the body to increase fertility. 

The fertility care teams at New Hope Fertility Center are pioneers in the science of minimal stimulation in vitro fertilization.  Their trademarked minimal stimulation protocol, Mini IVF, has been thoroughly tested in clinical trials and has success rates that rival that of traditional IVF treatment.  This is despite:

  • Using significantly reduced fertility medication
  • Transferring fewer eggs per cycle
  • Being gentler on the body
  • Having fewer side effects

Mini IVF is successful for multiple reasons:

  • Each minimal stimulation protocol is tailored to the unique needs of the patient.  Each woman only receives the level of medication they need based on careful monitoring and evaluation.  By providing personalized care, New Hope is able to give a woman’s body what it needs for optimal fertility. 
  • Mini IVF has the goal of producing between three and five high quality eggs.  Due to the reduced amount of fertility medication, the eggs matured and harvested during a cycle are healthier and better equipped for fertilization and a healthy pregnancy.  
  • The reduction in fertility medication results in fewer side effects and less risk to the mother.  A Mini IVF cycle is safer for the mother while maintaining pregnancy rates.
  • New Hope Fertility Center suggests that women who undergo minimal stimulation in vitro fertilization treatment do a single embryo transfer.  This means that although many embryos may be produced during a cycle, only one is transferred back into the mother.  Research finds that transferring multiple embryos does not increase the likelihood of pregnancy.  However, transferring multiple embryos significantly increases the chance of a multiple pregnancy, which carries significant health risks for both mother and child. 

Contact the fertility care experts at New Hope Fertility Center to find out how minimal stimulation in vitro fertilization can be a part of your fertility care plan.  Please click the link below to enter your information and New Hope will contact you, or simply call 212-517-7676. Thank You.


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