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Summer Outdoor Activities to Help Boost Fertility

AthleteIf you’re trying to conceive this summer, there are some key activities you can do to ensure you’re in top fertility health. Our fertility specialists have developed a simple plan of action to get you in top health this summer.

Summer Fertility Activities

Getting out in the good weather and soaking up as much vitamin D as possible is important for embryo and healthy bone development.

For Women

Stay fit by engaging in stress-busting exercise. Women with high stress levels can take up to 29 percent longer to conceive than those who have lower anxiety. Outdoor yoga and long walks are recommended as good sources of stress relief for women.

For Men

It’s advised to avoid excessive exercise in hot weather so as not to overheat the testicles. Men should also avoid tight-fitting clothing when working outdoors in the summer heat. Less heat to the testicles promotes better fertility.

For Both Women and Men

Kick your nasty habits this summer – such as smoking and consuming excessive amounts of alcohol. The long summer evenings give you the time to distract from these cravings when you take up outdoor activities.

Smoking can be harmful in fertility health as it can damage the ovaries and Fallopian tubes in women, while also effecting men by reducing sperm count. Smokers are 54 percent more likely to take over a year to get pregnant, while 13 percent of infertility cases are directly linked to smoking.

Sources of Good Summer Fertility Foods

Summer fruits are a great source of vitamin C which helps keep eggs and sperm healthy.

  • Strawberries
  • Raspberries
  • Blueberries

Choosing fish instead of red meat is also recommended for its fatty acids. Fish promotes cell development and helps with egg fertilization. Fish and seafood are a great source of Omega 3 and Vitamin B12.

Summer Veggies Promote Fertility

  • Carrots
  • Asparagus
  • Avocado

Carrots can improve sperm motility by up to 8 percent increase fertilization chances.

Fertility Diet Basics During the Summer

  • Low-sodium canned or frozen veggies
  • Herbs and spices instead of salt
  • Lemon juice, citrus zest, or hot chilies for extra flavor and no sodium
  • Canned fruits packed in juice or water – not syrup
  • Non-fat, plain Greek yogurt instead of sour cream
  • Healthy vegetable oils instead of butter
  • Half wheat and half white flour
  • Puree sweet potatoes, carrots, or cauliflower and keep in freezer for easy use in soups and casseroles
  • Instead of alcohol – infuse cranberries, pomegranate arils, or orange slices into sparkling water

Fertility Diet Importance

Today, more women in their 30s and 40s are wanting to become first-time moms than their 20-something counterparts. What’s the real story? A Nurses’ Health Study found that women who followed a fertility diet had a 66 percent lower risk of ovulatory dysfunction. The participants in this study followed a recommended fertility diet.

  • Plant-based foods
  • Protein-rich foods
  • Healthy fats
  • A bit of full-fat dairy products

Bottom line: Nutrition and optimal fertility go hand-in-hand.

A Healthy Body Mass Index (BMI)

A healthy body weight and diet is essential to increasing your chances of becoming pregnant. Strive to achieve and maintain a healthy body mass index (BMI) to keep your reproductive cycle in balance. A BMI of 19 to 24 indicates a healthy weight. Anything above 24 or below 19 may be hindering your chances of ovulation and conception.

Plan of Action to Get Pregnant this Summer

Make an appointment with a fertility specialist for a thorough reproductive examination and preliminary assessment of your reproductive health. Why does this matter? Up to 34 percent of infertility cases are due to structural issues with a woman’s reproductive system. At New Hope Fertility Center, both female and male patients undergo a complete fertility assessment to evaluate their reproductive health.

The good news! Flagging any potential medical cause of infertility is the quick and cost-effectively help you get pregnant over the summer. Once the problem is identified, great strides toward a pregnancy can be made through a customized treatment plan.

Summer Fertility Health Specialists

It is important to work with a fertility care team having the experience required to design a customized fertility treatment protocol meeting your personal needs. To schedule your initial consultation with one of the fertility specialists at New Hope Fertility Centerclick the icon below – or call 917.525.5496.

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