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How to Support a Friend Struggling With Infertility


Despite impacting one in eight couples, many women are unaware of the prevalence of fertility issues until it happens to them or one of their friends. Many women want to help women in their circle who are coping with infertility, but are unsure about what they should do. The tips below can make it easier to help a friend conceive and to be supportive during their fertility journey through In Vitro Fertilization

Support Friend Struggling With Infertility

Don’t Minimize the Issue

Infertility is a difficult topic to bring up and is a problem that is often minimized by others. Although responses like “Just relax and it’ll be fine,” or “It’ll happen when it is supposed to,” may be innocent, they can be stressful for someone with fertility issues. Understand - fertility issues are real medical situations that deserve attention. Ask questions to understand more about what you’re friend is going through and to find out what the best way is for you to support her.

Be aware that your friend is working very hard toward a goal of starting a family. If you become pregnant or are pregnant, don’t complain about the pregnancy to your infertile friend. If she asks about how things are going, be honest. However, complaining about the very thing that your friend wants can be difficult for her.

Be a Good Listener infertility

Dealing with infertility can be one of the most difficult and stressful situations a person can have to deal with. Unfortunately, that same stress can reduce fertility. Help a friend conceive by being a good listener and helping her through stressful situations. Offer to take her out for a night to the movies or to the spa to help her relax during the fertility treatment process.


Be Understanding

Fertility treatment can be very time consuming. There are a number of visits to the doctor’s office for diagnostic testing and procedures. Additionally, there is often the use of fertility medication which can result in discomfort and a decrease in energy. Be understanding if your friend shies away from certain social events, especially if they are for or about children.



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