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Surrogacy Success Stories

More good news to report here at New Hope Fertility Center: our surrogacy chapter welcomed our first baby at the beginning of September! Not to mention, the newborn is celebrated as the clinic's first Dragon Baby since he was delivered in the Year of the Dragon -- which we reported back in January as being the luckiest of the Chinese lunar years.

Our newest parents were kind enough to send us an update, and we were elated to learn that their baby boy is healthy and continues to grow strong.

Their journey began in China and they discovered our center in Macau when they had difficulty conceiving. Connecting with our expert Chinese team here in New York, the couple began its relationship with our surrogate in Minnesota. After standard monitoring in the US, coordinating Visas and handling all oral exchanges between the Chinese couple and their surrogate, the egg was fertilized and the rest is history -- the couple became first-time parents, and in a way, our surrogacy team did, too.

Surrogacy is a family-building option for those who have had multiple miscarriages, have medical conditions that prevent pregnancy (ie. certain female health disorders, cancer-related infertility), have a history of complicated pregnancies, or those in a same sex relationship.

New Hope's surrogacy chapter, a team of physician-attorneys, began just one year ago, the latter LLP recruiting surrogates and facilitating their relationships with intended parents exclusively for New Hope Fertility Center.

Congrats again to the parents of New Hope's first Dragon Baby -- we wish you many more years of peace and prosperity!

For more information on our surrogacy program, please visit us on the web.

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