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Tailored Mini IVF in NYC

Minimal Stimulation In Vitro Fertilization (Mini IVF) has become an attractive option for women suffering from infertility who wish to avoid many of the side effects associated with Conventional IVF. With no real downside, the Mini IVF protocol has been placed to the forefront of IVF options for those seeking to get pregnant.

Discovering Tailored Mini IVF In New York City

Customized IVF treatment has proven to be more effective than treating every individual the same. Just as with any other illness, people respond differently to the standard course of care. Some women respond to hormone injections poorly, increasing the likelihood of stress and complications on their body.  New Hope Fertility Center's tailored Mini IVF has been the saving grace to many patients. We offer superior solutions adapted to your unique needs to help you achieve your goal of pregnancy as cost-efficiently and gently as possible.



Mini IVF Explained  

Mini IVF is a treatment for infertility that is more gentle on the body than conventional IVF therapy. As opposed to the 20-60 painful injections that must be self-administered through conventional therapy, only one to three injections are administered when undergoing Mini IVF. The Mini IVF is projected to retrieve 3 to 5 quality eggs. While not the ideal option for women who desire to harvest many eggs for freezing, it has comparable success rates for women aiming to get pregnant as soon as possible. The advantages include a lower price, quicker cycle recovery, and less risk of complications from hormone injections.

The concise steps of a Mini IVF are:

  • Clomid taken by mouth
  • 3 or fewer injections of Menopur
  • Synarel delivered nasally
  • Surgical egg retrieval, fertilization of egg with sperm in vitro, embryo culture, and embryo transfer

How Mini IVF Is tailored

New Hope Fertility Center addresses each patient's infertility treatment protocol on a case by case basis. With a goal to reduce risk and maximize comfort, only the necessary amount of ovarian stimulation through fertility drug administration is used. Some women may need only one injection while others may require all three. Ultra Mini IVF is also an option for those who solely wish to use oral medication without injections of any kind. As such, there is no standard Mini IVF solution for any woman. A woman's needs and desires, as well as her fertility history, will ultimately be the major factors in tailoring her Mini IVF treatment protocol.

Best fertility Clinic For Tailored Mini IVF

New Hope Fertility Center has provided exceptional, patient-centered treatment to every patient who walks through the door. Our fertility specialists get to know you, your preferences and desires, before your treatment plan is ever created. Rest assured that by choosing NHFC for your Mini IVF, you are choosing the best as we work to make your dreams a reality. 

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