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The Benefits of Egg Freezing and The Egg Freezing Process

Fertility preservation can significantly extend the time a woman is able to get pregnant and start a family.  Despite being most fertile from puberty until age 35, women are able to get pregnant and have healthy pregnancies significantly after this point.   However, the quality of a woman’s eggs diminishes after age 35.  Egg freezing allows women to harvest and store eggs when they are their healthiest thereby preserving their fertility.

2015-11There a number of benefits to egg freezing to preserve a woman’s fertility:

  • Eggs are harvested when they best suited for fertilization and pregnancy
  • A woman is able to focus on her career, relationship, medical concerns or other issues without feeling as though she is jeopardizing or sacrificing her ability to have children
  • The ability to get pregnant later in life while using their own eggs

During an egg freezing cycle, several steps are done in order to harvest eggs while closely monitoring the woman’s progress.  During an egg freezing cycle:

  • A woman’s medical history is reviewed to ensure she is a good fit for fertility preservation
  • Once the cycle starts, each woman is closely monitored using blood work and ultrasound to watch how the cycle is progressing
  • When the woman’s body is ready, she is given injectable fertility medications.  The purpose of these medications is to prompt the body to produce a large quantity of eggs
  • Through continued monitoring, the medical team determines when the eggs are mature and ready to be harvested
  • The patient is given a “trigger” medication that allows the medical team to time ovulation
  • Immediately before ovulation, the eggs are retrieved during an outpatient procedure
  • The eggs are evaluated for health and quality, with the healthiest eggs frozen and stored

The harvested eggs can then be stored until the woman is ready to begin her family.

New Hope Fertility Center provides personalized fertility care in their state of the art facility in Manhattan.  Instead of using predefined protocols, each woman’s care plan is customized based on her specific medical needs and goals for treatment.  Customizing care plans results in happier patients, better overall care and higher success rates.

Receive additional information on fertility preservation and the fertility programs available at New Hope Fertility Center by contacting them today.  Please click the link below to enter your information and New Hope will contact you, or simply call 212-517-7676. Thank You.

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