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The Best IVF App For Infertility

“There’s an app for that” is no longer just a slogan in a smart phone commercial.  Apps can provide information, entertainment and a way to communicate. An IVF app can help to give you the tools you need to track your cycle to time intercourse or to monitor progress during an IVF cycle.  IVF apps offer a number of features and range from simple period tracking to comprehensive tracking of fertility medication. 


Some of the available options in fertility apps include:

  • Tips on improving fertility to become pregnant
  • Cycle charting by last menstrual period date and average cycle length
  • Calendar functionality
  • The option to track and chart information such as cervical fluid, basal body temperature and fertility medication
  • Community and message boards for support and sharing of experiences
  • Graphics that allow users to easily identify their most fertile periods

Two high quality IVF app options that can help to support your IVF journey are:

IVF Planner

Available on iTunes and Google Play, IVF Planner allows for tracking fertility medication, symptoms and results. Some features on the app include:

  • Calendar with reminders of fertility doctor appointments and when to administer fertility medication
  • Result tracking including blood type information, sperm counts and blood levels
  • Notes section for tracking of issues and thoughts for later reference
  • Ability to track symptoms       


Also available on both Google Play and iTunes, this IVF app provides tracking features as well as supports mental and emotional health during the IVF process. Features of the SIMS IVF app include:

  • Tips and techniques for staying relaxing during an IVF cycle
  • Audio files and stress reduction tips
  • Nutritional therapy to remain at top health during treatment
  • Journal functionality to track your experience for up to six weeks
  • Calendar with recording functionality to note things of importance
  • The ability to set reminders

Find out how an IVF app can complement your personalized fertility plan to help you achieve your goal of starting or growing your family.  The best ivf doctors in NYC at New Hope Fertility Center are conveniently located in Manhattan and specialize with providing each client with the top fertility care in NYC

Our NYC fertility center named the Top Clinic of 2017 and is on top of the Forbes list of private ivf clinics in US. Dr. Zhang has been named among New York’s Top IVF Doctors

Please click the link below to enter your information and New Hope will contact you, or simply call 212-517-7676. Thank You.

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