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The Best IVF Treatment Options for Single Men

The best IVF treatment is usually thought of as a treatment method for female infertility.  However, there are IVF treatment options for single men who want to start families.  Becoming aware of all of your treatment options allows you to make informed decisions about your reproductive health.

Fertility Preservation   best ivf

For men undergoing medical treatment or who have a medical issue regarding their fertility, fertility preservation is a good way to ensure you have sperm available when you are ready to start a family.  When vitrification, an advanced freezing method, is used, sperm can be stored indefinitely without harm.  Then, once you are ready, your sperm may be used to fertilize your partner’s eggs or donor eggs via IVF. 

Fertility preservation may also be done using donor eggs and your sperm, with ICSI used as needed for fertilization. The embryos are also stored using fertilization.  Furthermore, genetic testing may be performed on embryos prior to freezing so that you have a full understanding of the quality and health of the embryos you are freezing.


Surrogacy provides a means for single men to have children that are biologically related to them.    In surrogacy, your sperm is combined with a donor egg in order to make embryos.  A resulting embryo is then placed directly in the uterus of the surrogate.  If there are surplus embryos, they may be frozen for future use.

Gestational carriers are not genetically related to the baby they carry.  Donor eggs and/or sperm are used in the IVF process. Gestational carriers give of themselves selflessly in order to give others the chance at a family. 

The team at New Hope Fertility Center is dedicated to helping couples and single individuals achieve their dream of having a family. To learn more about IVF treatment options for single men, contact the New Hope team today.  Please click the link below to enter your information and New Hope will contact you, or simply call 212.969.7422.


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