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The Surrogacy Issue

BioNews recently released information on an interesting surrogacy study presented at the British Fertility Society's annual meeting concerning the mental health of children of surrogate mothers.

In the study, conducted by the Centre for Family Research at the University of Cambridge, researchers gave interviews and questionnaires to 16 children between 12 and 22 years of age to assess their personal view of having a mother who acted as a surrogate.  While the effect of these relationships has come into question in the past -- many wondering if a surrogate mother's genetic child suffers in any way due to her "job" carrying another's child -- the study revealed most of the children had healthy attitudes about their mothers being surrogates, with 10 of the 16 children stating they actually have an ongoing relationship with the surrogate child.

Indeed, the stress caused by infertility oftentimes increases when potential parents are exploring surrogacy options.  Take 30 Rock co-star Elizabeth Banks, for instance, who not so long ago revealed the stress involved in the surrogacy process in an interview with People Magazine, describing the difficult nature of handing over the control of having your child to someone else.  (Banks had a gestational surrogate, which means her embryo was implanted into another woman's womb.)

Despite its underlying stress factors, gestational surrogacy also serves as another "fertility-saving" option for women still hoping to have a child with their own genetic material after failed IVF cycles, miscarriages, and other fertility-related issues.  And now that we know surrogacy can create families as well as lasting relationships for surrogate siblings, it is only right to promote gestational surrogacy as another healthy alternative for potential parents!

Do you know any surrogate mothers and their children?

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