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The Top 8 Tips To Help You Through Your First Pregnancy

The Top 8 Tips To Help You Through Your First Pregnancy 

After trying to conceive and using fertility medicine, your first pregnancy feels like the best thing in the whole world.  The moment you received your positive result your focus changed, you’re a parent now.  Your first pregnancy can be a both stressful and rewarding.   

2015-22The tips below can help you through your first pregnancy:          

Take Pictures

Many pregnant women shy away from pictures. However, pictures are one of the best ways to chronicle your pregnancy.  Be proud of your pregnant belly, you worked hard to get here.  Weekly pictures are a great way to capture your progression throughout your pregnancy.

Keep a Journal

A journal is a great way to keep track of what you’re feeling physically and emotionally.  Additionally, once your child is older you can share your experiences with them.

Buy Maternity Clothes

It can be tempting to delay purchasing maternity clothing.  You’ll feel and look better if you have clothes that fit your growing body.  Often, maternity clothing can be worn during multiple trimesters or throughout your entire pregnancy. Being comfortable during your pregnancy is important for both your health and the health of your child.

Take Care of Yourself

Be sure to take good care of yourself including eating well and getting enough rest.  Stress can have negative effects on you and your child, so take care to limit stressful activities and situations.  

Get Educated

There are a number of smartphone apps that can be used to follow the progression of a pregnancy.  Apps often provide insight on the baby’s growth, outline things to look for and provide an opportunity to communicate with other women who are also expecting. 

Involve Your Partner

Couples that experience fertility care have a unique bond.  Continue that bond by making sure your partner feels as though they are a part of the pregnancy.  Shopping for nursery future, selecting baby names and allowing your partner to feel the baby kick are all ways to keep your partner engaged.

Tell People

Many couples wait until the second trimester to share the great news with friends and family. Once you feel safe in the pregnancy, share your news!   

Be Honest

Do not be afraid to ask your doctor questions.  Share your questions and concerns and make sure you get answers.

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